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Ever needed to repair or install a new eavestrough for your home? Unless you're fairly knowledgeable in gutter systems, chances are you've had numerous questions. Eavestrough or gutters have varying lifespans. From time to time, they may stop functioning correctly. This could be as a result of leaves, dirt, and other debris building up in the gutter channels causing blockages. Such a problem can be rectified and avoided with regular, thorough cleaning and maintenance. However, in some cases, your gutter may be damaged or worn out. In a place like the GTA, the harsh Canadian weather can take its toll on your house. Strong winds and hailstones can dent or cause even more severe damage to vinyl and aluminum gutters. You need a new gutter system but probably have a handful of questions. Allow us to introduce you to the wonders of a copper-made eavestrough.
Why You Should Use Copper.
Yes, copper is more expensive than other traditional materials used to make gutters. This is largely because it is a natural material that is only available in limited supply. But what's great about copper is that it is very durable, and far outlasts other types of materials used to make gutters. It adds value to any space it occupies and in essence pays for itself in the long run. Copper also offers beauty with its warm, rustic colours. Aesthetically, it adds charm, class, and a sense of historic significance to any space it decorates. It is a high quality product that requires very little maintenance. Copper never rusts, even in moist environments. Instead, it oxidizes and develops an exquisite greenish-blue patina over time.
Why Copper Eavestrough Are Great.
Copper gutters have been around for centuries and continue to be popular to this day. There are several reasons for this popularity beyond just copper's beautiful, distinctive appearance. In addition to it being rust-resistant, copper is also insusceptible to corrosion and can even withstand high levels acidity and salty conditions. Moreover, copper is strong, maintains its shape (vs aluminum which dents easily) and is the perfect choice for you if you would like to give your home a chic, upscale, antique look.
Why You Should Call Us:
CopperWorks Canada is your trusted source for all things copper, especially gutters! Our large selection of uniquely designed, corrosion and rust resistant copper gutters are second to none. But installing them can be a slightly complex task as they may need to be soldered together to get the right lengths and fit for your home. Any mistakes made while doing this can be expensive to repair. This is why you should rely on our team of experienced professionals to do the job right and with minimum disruption to your life during the installation process.
If you are interested in installing a new copper eavestrough system for your home, please visit us at our main site or call us at 905-831-6434.

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